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On September 5, 1934, a mutual friend, Eugenia "Gene" Boehringer, introduced Lyndon Baines Johnson to Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor when both were visiting Boehringer's office in Austin. Before they parted, Lyndon had arranged to meet Lady Bird the next morning for breakfast at the Driskill Hotel. Young Lyndon Johnson was a congressional secretary working for Congressman Richard Kleberg of Corpus Christi; Lady Bird had finished a degree in journalism at the University of Texas in Austin the previous spring and had returned to her family home in Karnack, Texas.

Lyndon and Lady Bird met for breakfast, spent the day together, and he purportedly proposed before the day was over. In the next few days, Lyndon introduced Lady Bird to his parents; she met his boss, Congressman Kleberg; and they drove to Karnack where Lady Bird introduced Lyndon to her father. Johnson then returned to his job in Washington, D.C. During the next 10 weeks, the two wrote approximately ninety courtship letters to each other before he returned to Texas, and they "committed matrimony," as Lady Bird described it, in San Antonio on November 17, 1934.

These letters, arranged chronologically in the 1934 Courtship Letters are also fully searchable and all have transcripts prepared by staff at the LBJ Presidential Library. We hope you enjoy them.